Looking a pregnant woman in the eye

One of my son’s best friends came over for a sleep over. His mum is heavily pregnant, due around 3 weeks before what would have been my due date.

I mentioned her in a previous post – I found the way she told me about her pregnancy a real shock and I couldn’t deal with it at all.

I didn’t properly look at her bump today, but as we were talking I did internally acknowledge that it was there, and that I was really sad that I didn’t also have a bump. I feel that is real progress!

Before my EMDR treatment I would have just frozen and not allowed any of that in. I would have dismissed and ignored it. Now I am – at last – allowing myself to acknowledge that these sorts of things are upsetting. Because I’m able to do that, it isn’t so overwhelming or unpleasant – it doesn’t have the chance to overwhelm my senses and shut the rest of my mind down.

I’m pretty pleased with my progress today. Maybe at some point I’ll be able to look directly at a bump too 🙂

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